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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:   The long-term unemployed have a tougher time than others landing a job. In 2010, someo...


Why do I need a professionally prepared resume?

Be realistic -
  • Just how much practice have you had writing a resume?
  • How good are you at selling yourself on paper?
  • Do you really know what to say to catch the attention of an over-worked manager staring at a pile of 400 resumes?
Your resume is the most important tool in the job search. It is one of the few documents that can literally change your life. Do you really want your resume prepared by an amateur, or with the help of one of those "do-it-yourself" books that are already outdated when they hit the book store?
Once you start the job search, you have just become a sales person, selling the most important product of your, your skills, and your experience. As with any product, you must look and sound as good or better than your competition.
You don't want to make a prospective employer dig for information about you, when you've got about 30 seconds to get their attention. A resume is a reflection of you on paper and as such must be clear and concise with instant communication impact. After getting their attention you have to promote yourself as someone worthy of an interview, which is what we will do for you. Your resume will pay off in great dividends and should therefore be thought of as an investment in one's self, rather than an expense. Having a professionally written resume is the first tangible step toward making you more successful and more wealthy. 

Our credo…

This blog is for those that expect to receive a very high level of quality and for those individuals who take their careers seriously and understand the importance of a strong resume in today's competitive job market.

Choose an in-person or an on-line meeting

Either way, you should conduct a personalized and friendly one-on-one interview with a professional resume writer in which we delve into your background and discover your skills and achievements, job descriptions, or significant accomplishments, and take an inventory of your credentials. After your "portrait" is developed, you will receive a draft of a powerfully phrased document with lots of eye-appeal, guaranteed to generate interviews.... which is what a resume is supposed to do.
With the purchase of a resume you will receive you an easily followed “Master Plan” geared to obtain widespread distribution of your resume, thus getting maximum value from your investment. If you follow the prescribed and recommended job search strategies within the plan and do not obtain interviews, a professional resume writer will gladly re-examine the resume and tweak it at no additional cost to you in most cases.

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