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7 The most necessary “must” for a Promotional Resume

If you work in the advertising modeling industry and do not receive as many responses as you would like to get from the jobs or companies you are applying for, you may not have enough key units that every manager or agency is looking for. If you do pay attention on these items, you likely will not get a call or email. The model industry gets tight and promotional resumes are significantly different from traditional ones. Be sure to turn use best tips in your own.

1. Contact information. Give your email address at the top of your resume after your own name. If you want, you can give the e-mail and your name in the center,  so the agency could find it easily. Most agencies prefer email. Don’t forget to add your mobile number and city, state, zip code. Agencies need models that live close to job, and prefer to see this information clearly.
Please note that you should always speak, when you are applying for a job, which city you are interested in. The person reviewing the application will not have an accurate idea of what you are applying for, unless it’s noted in your resume. However, always include in your cover letter the city where you live. You can live outside a big city, in a small town that may be unheard of for some people, and this may violate the terms of the deal. The person who views the applications does not have time to search for your city or find out which city / job you are applying for, etc. Just be careful when applying for a job and remember, what attracts the attention of the agency. Advertising agencies usually do a lot of different things at any time, and you want to be quickly recognized and made this process easy for the agency!

2. Languages. If you can speak any foreign language, it must be add in your promotional resume. Agencies are always looking for someone to represent them who can speak a foreign language. List “bilingual”, so the person who reviews your resume can quickly find out it. 

3. Photos. An excellent professional head shot or body shot will automatically increase your chances to get the job, which you are applying for. Do not use selfies in your promotional resume. Professional photos can be expensive. If you have a friend who is a photographer or novice photographer, ask them to work with you! They can make a deal with you. Some photographers want to create their portfolio and can take a few pictures for free. Include only one photo in your real resume, but always send several different photos along. 

4. Experience. Make sure your resume is split into sections, depending on the type of work you performed or the agency you were working for. There is no right or wrong way to do this, but you want to make it very easy for reading. If you worked at an agency, you could list all the work that you did with them in one section. If you worked as an ambassador and worked at various exhibitions, you can create two sections and list all the events, brands under the positions you held.
If you reduce your experience to the last three jobs, please indicate how long you have experience in this area. Make your resume clean and simple.

5. References. Most applicants assume that they can simply add a few random people they know to their resumes as references, and the manager will not contact them, or they will skip them. That’s wrong. In the promotional model industry, references are called, and we want to see them. Agencies want to make sure that your resume is on stage and you will be a good choice for the job. Include links that know you well, how you work in the industry, and it will be honest. Remember, your links are people who can help you or not to rich the goal.

6. Education. You might think that this is not a must for the modeling industry, but some brands want the beauty with the brain and not just the face. If you apply for an agency to work at exhibitions, they may want you not only represent their brand, but to remember their products and be able to communicate with the participants. Despite this, education is the main skill in the modeling  industry and demonstrating your education is a big plus.

7. Hobbies. Show them what you have interests except for a work! This can be a huge bonus. You can add this to your resume or cover letter/e-mail when applying for a job. If the agency a brand ambassador for a pet product and you love animals, note it. If you are fond of healthy food and think "green", add it to your resume!
Now that you have a promotional resume needs, you are ready to create an ideal resume to get the perfect job.

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