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Writing a cover letter for a new Job

When applying to a new job, your cover letter is the first thing an employer will read, even before a CV, so it is one of the most important things to get right!
The role of the cover letter is to highlight your main skills and experiences that match what the company is looking for in order to emphasize that you are right for the job.
There is no strict formula but there are some important things to remember when writing a cover letter.

This sets the cover letter tone and focus and is the most important sentence of the whole thing. You need to provide a catchy start to encourage the reader to carry on. It should be brief, stating the construction job you are applying to and an explanation as to why you have applied for this role. You must address the letter to the individual if you have this information.

Main Body
This is your opportunity to match your skills, qualifications and experiences to that of the job you are applying. First, focus on the company's needs and the actual role, explaining why you have applying to them. This shows you have done your research on the company and that you are tailoring the letter to them personally. Next, match these to your skills and abilities; show how you are right for the job and elaborate on your achievements. Try not to just regurgitate your CV as they will come onto that after.

Closing Paragraph
End on a positive note and urge the reader to contact you. Mention when you may be available for interview and say you very much look forward to hearing from them. Sign it off professionally and sign and print your name.

Once you have written the letter, make sure that it is presented properly. Put your address on the top right hand side with the company's address to the top left. Ensure your paragraphs are justified to the left and the font is consistent throughout. Keep it to one side of A4 and no more than 4 paragraphs long. Do a spell check and ask a friend to check through it.

The last thing to remember is that you must not mass-produce your cover letters. These will stand out a mile and will be thrown in the bin. Making sure it is written specifically for the construction job and company you are going for will be massively impressive!

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